In 1978, new Era was dawn in southern hemisphere of Bangalore that is the establishment of a new school namely V.E.T. An excellent Training centre for students to shape their skills and to sharpen intelligence. For past 20 years or so the institute has clocked 100% results with distinction. I had great privilege to associate with the institute in 1986 and served till 2016. The institute has not only taken care of students' needs but also Teachers well being.Today its establishment spanned over to different location in Bangalore and all running exceedingly well.

Vet school

Being brighter students, making a student to shine like a star is a different environment.

School is a foundation for learning basic things, basic manners and a place to make friends for life. I heard everyone saying that school is the temple / second home, yes it is true.

Joining Vasavi Educational Trust school has indeed created a positive impact on my life. School is not only the place where one acquires knowledge instead is a place where one learns to apply the knowledge appropriately. My teachers has always helped me to make the right decisions and have given me excellent advices.

VET School has a perfect mix of scholastic and co-scholastic activities which further enhances the all-round personality development of children , I discovered my love for speaking by participating in all the wonderful debates , opportunity for speaking in front of the crowd and the speeches organised.

The school also inculcated humanitarian qualities in me by indulging us with the Interact Club of Rotary and given the socialistic ideas. Such endeavours help us realise how important it is to contribute to society.

Today I feel a great sense of pride when I say I was the Head boy of Vasavi Educational Trust school as it has moulded me into a better person.

By Harsh N Jain 2019-2020


Being brighter students, making a student to shine like a star is a different environment.

Having studied for 13 years in VET, I’ve learnt a lot, starting from alphabets and numbers leading to important theorems and equations. VET is a school full of amicable and harmonious staff and teachers. We get a lot of scope for various co-circular activities. Spending most of my childhood there, I have learnt many moral virtues and discipline. All the students are given individual attention. I’ve always enjoyed playing sports in this school. I’ve even got the experience of partaking in several inter school competitions. School trips are few of the finest memories I have had. Having a Rotary Interact club in VET made my years in school even better. School annual days, sporting events and exhibitions ameliorate school days. I’ve found wonderful friends too.

By MIHIKA 2019-2020


Being brighter students, making a student to shine like a star is a different environment.

School is a place for us to learn, but most of all, it is a place for fun.

"VASAVI EDUCATIONAL TRUST", located in the centre of the city, Bangalore. It has good infrastructure in terms of building and supporting facilities.

On the whole it was a very pleasant and interesting experience. All the facilities provided by VET are apt for the overall development of the students' life.

By Varsha B N 2019-20